We work to prevent pregnant women falling through the cracks of care. Prenatal and postpartum treatment and support ensure babies are born without potentially serious but preventable disease. Healthy babies come from healthy moms.

Mother and Child Alliance (MACA) focuses on vulnerable women living with HIV and other serious, costly infectious diseases such as syphilis and hepatitis B. 

A tremendous amount of resources have made this possible in Illinois – from legislative efforts in Springfield to the work of labor and delivery nurses and our enhanced case managers who follow up with clients and providers.

It works! MACA has spearheaded one of the best developed safety-nets for pregnant women living with HIV in the nation. Our approach has influenced successful programs in other areas – U.S cities and states and even nations such as Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Funding for this critical work comes from the state and federal governments, public and private partners, donors and people like you.

Our programs include direct support of moms and related systems for care. 

For moms

For providers and public health


For more on how we are managing COVID-19 impacts or to help our mission, please visit our COVID-19 Response page.