Our Staff

Administrative Staff

  • Anne Statton, Executive Director
  • Arisbel Cruz Lewandowski, Associate Finance Manager
  • Patrice Williams, Program Research Specialist
  • Iyesha Duckworth, MPH, MBA, Perinatal Surveillance Manager
  • Dr. Jade Pagkas-Mather, MD, MPH, Medical Director of Case Management
  • Dr. Erie Crawford, PhD, MSW, Senior Director of Perinatal Women’s Health
  • Laurie Ayala, MPH, Hotline Administrator
  • TBH, Development Manager

Perinatal Enhanced Case Managers

Full-time case managers are brought on as needed based on current volume of expectant mothers. In order to preserve confidentiality, their names and photos are not shared. 

Our case managers work hard to give consistent top-quality service and to establish and build trust necessary to connect to each client. Each MACA case manager serves a geographic region in Chicago and the collar counties, a 9,000 square mile service area. Case management in the rest of Illinois is provided under the Ryan White Part B Program.

Each of our case managers is trained in perinatal HIV transmission prevention and has certification or special field experience in HIV/AIDS, health education, domestic violence, reproductive health and social service in addition to years of case management experience. Several case managers have been with MACA for over ten years. 

We always have one or more bilingual Spanish-English managers and utilize translators on staff and hired as needed for other languages (past use cases include French, Vietnamese, Arabic, Burmese, Rohingya, Haitian Creole, and Japanese.)

In 2019, the team added our first fully-funded paid peer support worker – a graduate of our program. We are seeking more funding to support expanding this effort based on positive results from the first year. 

24/7 Illinois Perinatal HIV Hotline – Clinical Team

  • Patricia Garcia MD, MPH, Hotline Medical Director
  • Emily Miller MD, MPH, Maternal-Fetal Medicine
  • Lynn Yee MD, MPH, Maternal-Fetal Medicine
  • Sarah Sutton MD, Adult Infectious Disease
  • Ellen Chadwick MD, Pediatric Infectious Disease
  • Milena McLaughlin, PharmD, HIV Pharmacy

The hotline is also supported by physicians in fellowships for Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Pediatric Infectious Disease at Northwestern Medicine and Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago. A MACA perinatal enhanced case manager is on call each month for after-hours support.

Prenatal Class Instructors

  • Brenda Wolfe RN, MSN, ACRN, APN, Mt. Sinai Hospital
  • Rosa Valencia RN, BSN, ACRN, University of Illinois
  • Heather Riordan MS, RDN, Heather Riordan Wellness


For more on how we are managing COVID-19 impacts or to help our mission, please visit our COVID-19 Response page.