Housing is a particularly acute need in pregnancy.

Physical safety and the stability needed to participate in prenatal care and manage infectious disease during a complex pregnancy cannot be assured without stable housing. Homelessness not only puts moms and babies at risk for poor outcomes, but can be very expensive to the public.

Through advocacy and partnership, MACA obtained ten dedicated housing units for pregnant and recently delivered women living with HIV in 2009. In 2011, an additional three units were added to the program.

To date, 15 families have been housed in this program — one of the original families transitioned to a Section 8 voucher, the other head of household passed away. All thirteen families are assigned a supportive housing case manager to ensure housing stability over time.

Initially funded through a partnership with the AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC), MAC AIDS Fund and The Center for Housing and Health. All thirteen units are currently funded through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and remain committed to pregnant and delivered women in our program.

Initial grants handled management of the units through subcontracts with landlords and housing agencies. The funding also provided for home-based resiliency counseling, childcare, medication compliance and educational support to moms housed through the program.

The grant for the additional services ended in 2012. The quest for expanded housing partnerships continues. If you are interested in supporting housing units as a landlord by providing dedicated units or rent subsidies, have property to donate or can fund a program expansion, please contact us at

Housing IS Healthcare!


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