Melissa is just as happy as a newlywed can be. She married Derek last year and now she is pregnant with twins. Melissa was born with HIV. She has lived with HIV her whole life.

On taking medicine each day: “It was as natural to me as having hands.”

Melissa learned from a young age she couldn’t trust everyone with the knowledge she was living with HIV. Friends would sometimes just disappear from her life. 

Melissa and Derek have been through ups and downs together, including being homeless and moving to Illinois from across the country. They attended MACA’s prenatal class together.

“I’ve had a lot of case managers in my life so far, and my MACA case manager is fantastic. My case manager has connected me with resources that I didn’t know were available to me as an adult.”

Derek adds, “If you want to learn more and get help, connect with MACA. They even supported me with learning more about my health and getting tested.”

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