“I don’t tell many people I have HIV.” That’s a phrase we hear over and over. 

Jasmine is 27 years old. She is proud to “have three amazing children.”

Jasmine was missed for HIV testing at the time of labor and delivery because she delivered too quickly after she arrived at the hospital. Thanks to Illinois law on perinatal HIV prevention, Jasmine’s newborn was tested for exposure to HIV. When that test came back positive for exposure, and was later confirmed, Jasmine’s HIV status was confirmed as positive and her newborn was treated for the exposure. 

The hospital called the 24/7 Illinois Perinatal HIV Hotline to connect Jasmine to MACA’s case management program.

Connection to care is vital to prevent HIV transmission during pregnancy.

Jasmine shares a room with all three of her children in an apartment with her parents in Chicago. Her parents help care for the kids while Jasmine works. Recent cuts to the Child Care Assistance Program disqualified her middle child from continuing day-care, placing further burden on her support system.

Thanks to MACA’s partners, supporters, and donors like you, Jasmine’s MACA case manager connected her whole family to regular adult, HIV and pediatric medical care and additional support services.

And Jasmine’s newborn does not have HIV!

“Navigating the healthcare system… it’s easier doing it all with her [my case manager] – getting to appointments, filling prescriptions. She helps me on the spot, while we’re sitting together.”

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